To be purposeless is to be powerless

We need a strong sense of purpose to translate whatever talents we have into tangible achievements.

However, even if we have a purpose and even if we fulfill it, the resulting achievement won’t bring fulfillment if that purpose is external to our spiritual essence. For example, some people may aspire to plant a victory flag atop some mountain, physical or metaphorical. But after scaling that mountain, they find that the view from there is not all that exciting and wonder what to do next. Frequently, achievements are acutely anti-climactic.

Purposelessness can befall us not just after achieving our purpose, but also, more commonly, after failing to achieve it. If injury immobilizes an athelete or if rejection shatters a romantic, they feel they have nothing to live for. People commit suicide not just because many things have gone wrong in their lives, but often because those wrong things have left them purposeless.

Can’t we come up with some other purpose? Possibly. But even with that purpose, we will meet the same eventuality of dissatisfaction after fulfilling the purpose or frustration after failing to fulfill it.

Thankfully, Gita wisdom empowers us with an enduring and fulfilling purpose: the purpose of connecting with Krishna through loving service. The Bhagavad-gita (02.66) cautions that without a spiritual connection, nothing can provide us peace or joy. This purpose comes not from our subjective infatuation with something, but from the objective knowledge of who we are: Krishna’s eternal parts meant to delight with him in perennial loving harmony.

This devotional purpose is so wonderful that it doesn’t have to be fulfilled to bring fulfillment – the purpose itself brings fulfillment. If our particular service works out, that’s great. But even if it doesn’t, just sustaining the intention to serve Krishna establishes a connection with him, thereby granting us sublime spiritual satisfaction.

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