As long as we are self-seeking, we can’t be seekers of the self

Self-seeking people are interested only in themselves – in all situations, they seek their own pleasures, without caring for anyone else. Such people can’t be seekers of the self because what they seek is peripheral to their actual self.

Gita wisdom explains that we all are at our core spiritual beings. The more we pander to our senses, the more we get caught in craving and slaving for worldly pleasures and the further our consciousness goes from spiritual awareness. The Bhagavad-gita stresses that the materially attached can’t be spiritually absorbed or even spiritually attracted (02.44).

Seekers of the self aspire to understand their core self, to realize who they are beyond the many designations that cloud their perception of their identity and interests.

How can we seek the self? Not merely by intellectual enquiry, but primarily by embarking on a spiritual journey. That journey begins by understanding that the self is meant to be a part of something bigger than the self. Constitutionally, we are all parts of the Complete Whole, the all-attractive supreme person, Krishna (15.07). Functionally, we are meant to love and serve him, thereby gaining clarity and purity. Clarity because a devotional connection with all-wise Krishna illuminates us internally with divine wisdom to see ourselves more clearly. Purity because a devotional connection with all-pure Krishna purges us of the impure desires that take us away from our self. When we thus see ourselves with clarity and purity, we wholeheartedly serve Krishna and compassionately serve all living beings in relationship with Krishna. Indeed, the Gita (05.25) declares that when spiritualists become purified and strive for everyone’s welfare, they progress toward spiritual perfection.

Equipped with purity and clarity, when we thus go beyond self-seeking, we become initially seekers of the self and eventually seers of the self.

Think it over:

  • Why can’t self-seeking people be seekers of the self?
  • How can we seek the self?
  • How can purity and clarity help us seek the self?

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