Be not fretful or fearful – be faithful

The present is all that we have – and all that we will ever have. But our mind often distracts us towards the past and the future through fretfulness and fearfulness.

Fretful: The mind misdirected towards the past makes us fretful. We agonize over the many things that have gone wrong in our life, the many people who have dealt unfairly with us and the many stupid things we ourselves have done. If lamenting about the unchangeable past consumes our entire energy and we do nothing in the present to rectify things, we simply increase our troubles.

Fearful: The mind misdirected towards the future makes us fearful. We worry about what all may go wrong, as our mind shows us a free horror movie in which we are not the spectators but the victims. Things may well go wrong in future, but we can deal with problems if and when they come. Even if we need to do something to prevent future problems, we can do that only in the present. By letting fear about the future consume us in the present, we unwittingly pave the way to a scarier future.

The best way to overcome these two misdirecting tendencies of the mind is by becoming faithful.

Gita wisdom reminds us that Krishna is always in control and that he is our greatest well-wisher. He will do whatever it takes for bringing about our ultimate well-being. Bolstered by this spiritual knowledge and faith, we can calmly and wisely rectify the past’s consequences and prepare for the future’s possibilities. The Bhagavad-gita (18.58) assures us that if we become conscious of Krishna, then his grace will enable us to cross over all obstacles.
Hence, training ourselves to become conscious of Krishna is the best way to boost our faithfulness, thereby rising above both fretfulness and fearfulness.

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