Belief founded in the illusion of all belief is an illusion

Many atheists try to thrust their belief system on people by misappropriating the prestige of science. For example, they hold that in the past when people lived in forests in constant danger, the idea of a protector-God gave them confidence in their struggle for survival. So evolution wired our human brains to believe in God. Evolution has shaped our human brain for promoting survival, not for discerning truth. That’s why the masses don’t understand that belief in God is simply an illusion that is now redundant.

Among the many fallacies in this argument, let’s focus on just the most fundamental: it’s foundationlessness. If evolution (granting for argument’s sake that it is the determiner of our beliefs) has not shaped the human brain for discerning truth, then how have atheists’ brains been able to discern the “truth” of atheism? No way.

More fundamentally, if all beliefs are just a result of the way our brains fire in response to the struggle for survival, then why should the set of neuronal firings that corresponds with belief in atheism be true? No reason. Indeed, this worldview renders all belief unreliable. When the atheistic reductionsitic worldview is taken to its epistemological conclusion, it makes the quest for truth illusory and futile. Presciently, the Bhagavad-gita (16.08) cautions that the ungodly propagate foundationless worldviews.

In marked contrast, the theistic worldview has the supremely reliable foundation: God. He has given our human brains the capacity for not just surviving, but also discerning truth. And to guide us in the pursuit of truth, he has also given us scripture, which reveals timeless principles for living and learning. When we base our life on the foundation of God and his word, we live in the light of truth – a light that exposes the folly of godless truth-claims.

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