Better to be crazy in being busy than to be just crazy, better still is to be busy without being crazy

We sometimes feel, “I am so busy that I am going crazy. I need to slow down.” 

Yes, slowing down can help, provided we use the time thus gained to refocus on the things that really matter. 

However, slowing our life doesn’t automatically slow our mind. Why not? Because our mind’s pace is determined primarily by how much it is infected by the three modes of material nature: goodness, passion and ignorance. 

The mind in passion is crazy in being busy: Today’s materialistic world is largely driven by the mode of passion. When our mind is infected by passion, we run around feverishly struggling to fulfill our mind’s many desires. 

The mind in ignorance is just crazy: If we slow down, we will probably sink to ignorance. Gravity pulls down, not up. We succumb to lethargy, apathy or thoughtless hyperactivity; we waste our time, money and energy; we act as if demented.

The mind in goodness is busy without being crazy: To raise our mind to goodness, just slowing down isn’t enough; we need to use the time gained by slowing down to do activities that raise our mind up. Potent among such activities is yoga practice, especially bhakti-yoga, for it links us with the highest reality, Krishna. And contact with him purifies and raises our mind. As our mind rises to the mode of goodness, we learn to work at a pace that harmonizes with both our psychophysical nature and our spiritual purpose — we learn to be busy without going crazy. 

When we thus practice bhakti-yoga and regulate our worldly activities, our mind gradually rises beyond worldly distresses (Bhagavad-gita 06.17). Thus, we attain the ultimate perfection of being busy and crazy for Krishna. 


Think it over:

  • Do you sometimes feel as if you are going crazy in being busy? How can you regulate those phases?
  • Do you sometimes act as if crazy? How can you eliminate those phases?
  • When are you busy without being crazy? How can you maximize those phases?

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