Bhakti practice leads to attraction to Krishna through repetition, purification and revelation

Some people ask, “Bhakti practice involves doing the same activities again and again. How does such practice make us attracted to Krishna?”

Bhakti practice leads to attraction for Krishna through repetition, purification and revelation.

Repetition: When we expose ourselves to something repeatedly, that repeated contact can kindle attraction towards that thing. Such attraction results from the momentum of repeated action. For example, visitors to a cricket-mad country like India are often exposed to cricket repeatedly. Over time, they may become cricket-mad themselves. Repetition kindles attraction – this universal principle of applies to bhakti practices too.

Purification: Krishna is not like worldly things such as cricket with which we as spiritual beings have no intrinsic relationship. We are inherently connected with him, being his eternal parts (15.07). Just as parts are naturally connected to the whole, we too are naturally connected to Krishna. Presently, we don’t feel that connection because the impurities in our heart misdirect our consciousness away from him towards worldly things. Just as iron covered by rust is not attracted to a magnet, a heart covered by impurities is not attracted to Krishna. But if we purify ourselves, our natural attraction for him manifests. The most effective way to purification is consistent bhakti practice because such practice brings us in contact with the all-pure and all-purifying Supreme.

Revelation: Krishna is not just the principle – he is a person, the supremely merciful person. When we practice bhakti diligently, he becomes pleased and, by his omnipotent mercy, reveals his all-attractiveness to us. By such revelation, his supreme attractiveness starts registering in our consciousness, thereby accelerating our heart’s redirection towards him.

No wonder the Bhagavad-gita (12.09) assures that by the repeated practice of fixing our mind on Krishna, we will get the desire for him and will ultimately attain him.

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