By seeing God as a competitor, we devalue ourselves

By seeing God as a competitor, we devalue ourselves

Some people ask: “Why should I serve God? Why can’t I enjoy independently, as he does?”

We can seek enjoyment independent of God, for he has given us free will. In fact, he has provided the whole material existence as the arena for those who want to be gods themselves.

But, as the Bhagavad-gita (15.07) states, we are parts of Krishna – eternally. The finite part can never become the infinite whole.

Yet this ontological limitation doesn’t have to become an experiential limitation. That is, though we are finite, we can still experience infinite happiness by loving the infinite. When we fill our heart with the loving remembrance of Krishna, he reveals his infinite sweetness, thereby granting us unending happiness.

However, when, instead of loving God, we set our heart on becoming God, then we cut ourselves off from that infinite happiness.

To facilitate our desire for independent enjoyment, Krishna enables us to forget our true identity as souls and to misidentify ourselves with our material bodies. In these bodies, we seek pleasure through the senses. This pursuit sentences us to severe struggle, as the same Gita verse (15.07: karshati) indicates.

Why struggle?

Because the sense objects are elusive, the senses are finite and the pleasure that comes from their contact is temporary, thereby triggering an insatiable craving and interminable slaving for more.

By choosing to struggle so much for a pleasure that is unavoidably finite, we stunt our potential for infinite happiness. Thus, by seeing God as a competitor, we devalue ourselves.

In the material world, serving someone else is considered demeaning. But in complete contrast, serving Krishna is elevating. It raises us to experiences of ever-increasing happiness till finally it catapults us to where we belong – the arena of infinite happiness, Krishna’s world of eternal love.

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15 Text 07


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  1. Thank you Pr for sharing this article,

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  2. Hk prabhu,
    dandavat pranam
    Here you mentioned ‘serving someone in material world is considered demeaning’, but working for seeing happiness in someones also gives us happiness, serving any well knowledge professor gives us expertise in that field. Are these services demeaning? And is this analogy same applies to serving spiritual master?

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  3. Another drop of nectar.
    Thank you Prabhuji for sharing.

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  4. El Señor amorosamente permite el libre albedrío. La entidad viviente mediante el ego falso, caprichosamente, elige no amar al Señor. Entonces, ella, la entidad viviente, forzosamente debe sufrir las leyes materiales sufriendo constantemente hasta que algún día despierte de su falso sueño.

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  5. hare krishna prabhu,
    dandavat pranam

    Yesterday I have posted a comment for this article but it disappeared now. Shall I post that comment prabhu.


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    • I generally approve comments containing questions when I answer those questions. Have answered that question today and so that comment has also appeared.

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  6. Nice article.I liked the way author has differentiated between finite and infinite.Also nicely explained how we devalue ourselves by enjoying separately from Him.This is diseased condition of the soul and there is no solution to it unless and until soul desires to accept his true position as eternal servitor of Lord Krishna under bonafide guidance.

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  7. Hare krishna Prabhuji, you mentioned that “We can seek enjoyment independent of God, for he has given us free will to do so.
    Many people ask why can’t he interfere in onces freewill, if does not give free wil to enjoy independently then the living entity will not try enjoy independent of Him.problem will be solved.

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