Cellular reception depends on position; transcendental reception, on disposition

Just as an appropriate device, say a cellphone, gives us access to a cellular network, an appropriate device, a devotionally disposed heart, gives us access to the transcendental network of devotion, of spiritual emotions in relationship with Krishna and his devotees. The more we connect with this network by our sincere bhakti practice, the more we feel enriched by a profound non-material happiness.

However, we sometimes encounter phases of dryness, wherein while doing devotional activities we feel nothing except boredom. When such dry phases occur, it means that our consciousness has entered a low reception territory. Due to the influence of our past material conditionings, sometimes our craving for material things increases and our eagerness for Krishna decreases. When our disposition thus becomes non-devotional or even anti-devotional, we get low or no reception. Due to the resulting inner emptiness, we may even start doubting the reality of our past spiritual enrichment.

Just as the cellular network exists even when there is no reception, so does the transcendental network. The cellular network may be unreliable, but the transcendental network is supremely reliable, being powered by the supreme and supremely reliable person, Krishna himself. Just as we can get back cellular reception by changing our position, we can get back transcendental reception by changing our disposition. Moreover, the transcendental network offers the ultimate help service – the CEO himself is available round-the-clock in our own hearts, as the Bhagavad-gita (18.61) indicates.

If we prayerfully seek his help and determinedly persevere in our devotional practices, he appreciates our desire to be devotionally disposed even when we don’t feel thus disposed. Being supremely merciful, he soon counters the effect of our material conditionings and we get back the transcendental network, with our devotion not just restored but also reinforced due to having passed the test of faith.

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