Choosing Krishna is the one choice that empowers us to make better choices

Our life is determined largely by our choices. The choices we make are like the turns we take while driving; those turns determine whether we get to our destination or not.

In driving, taking the right turn is relatively easy – we just need to know which turn is right. In life, however, making the right choice is much more difficult – some inner force pushes us to away from the right choice and towards a wrong choice. The Bhagavad-gita identifies this misleading force as selfish desire (03.37) that covers our knowledge (03.38) and acts as our enemy (03.39). As this force can sabotage even our intelligence (03.40), we need to protect ourselves a higher power: Krishna. If we choose him by fervently seeking his help whenever tempted, he will guide us to choose wisely and to resist temptation.

However, choosing Krishna amidst temptation is not easy. Why? Because past habit has made indulgence our unthinking default choice. So, when tempted, we don’t even think of Krishna; we just succumb. To change this default setting, we need to choose Krishna regularly by practicing bhakti-yoga diligently. Such practice gradually makes our consciousness inclined towards him.

Even before our inner inclination changes, bhakti practice attracts Krishna’s mercy, and he gives us the intelligence to choose wisely (10.10). If we practice bhakti wholeheartedly, his benevolent inner voice restrains and redirects our consciousness whenever temptation allures. Even if we still succumb, that divine voice gradually makes relapse unpalatable and abstinence attainable.

So, rather than worrying excessively about how we will resist future predictable and unpredictable temptations, we can focus on choosing Krishna by practicing bhakti right now. By committing ourselves to that one choice, we will be guided and empowered to make better choices at all times, including amidst temptations.

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  1. KRISHNA is the best choice in our lives

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  2. It’s so true that Krishna is the best choice in our life to make beautiful in all respect.

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  3. Harihari! Thank you. This is TRUE even when we are confused or between difficult choices. Haribol 🙏

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