Conscientiously correct the mind’s incorrect auto-correct

Conscientiously correct the mind’s incorrect auto-correct

Computer text editors have an auto-correct feature meant to rectify inadvertent typing errors. But sometimes, especially on encountering an unfamiliar word, the auto-correct does the opposite – instead of making a wrong thing right, it makes a right thing wrong. For example, when we type the Sanskrit word sat, the auto-correct may change it to Saturday. Such incorrect ‘corrections’ require conscientious re-correction.

In spiritual life our mind similarly auto-corrects incorrectly. We are innately pleasure-seeking. Our longing for happiness is fulfilled eternally in spiritual love for Krishna. But our mind, based on its limited experience, assumes that pleasure means sensual pleasure, especially sexual pleasure. So whatever activity we do, it often tries to ‘correct’ it by sensualizing it.

Such incorrect ‘correction’ may happen even when we are doing devotional activities like chanting. Though we start with thoughts of Krishna, somewhere along the way, the mind auto-corrects our thoughts, taking them towards sensuality.

Seeing this misdirection of our thoughts can be disheartening. But if we recognize its cause to be the mind’s incorrect auto-correction, then we will become cautioned, not disheartened. We will conscientiously undo the ‘correction’ and focus on Krishna. Pertinently, the Bhagavad-gita (06.26) exhorts us to regain control over the mind whenever and wherever it wanders.

If we re-correct our thoughts diligently, the mind will gradually realize that thinking about Krishna is far more pleasurable than thinking about anything else. That is, it will understand that Krishna-thoughts are correct and don’t need auto-correction.

Further, as the mind develops a taste for remembering Krishna, its auto-correct will work for us instead of against us. Even when external sensual stimuli attract our attention, the mind will auto-correct, steering our thoughts back to Krishna. Once the auto-correct becomes spiritually oriented, our devotion will graduate from conscientious to spontaneous – and our inner world will become the blissful spiritual world.

Bhagavd Gita Chapter 06 Text 26

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Author: Chaitanya Charan Das

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  1. Thank you prabhu, as always for your very scientific, logic oriented explanation! My karmi-materialist brain needs that.
    Yours in service to Prabhupada and the devotees,
    Dhananjaya Pandit das

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  2. wonderful prabhu, dandavat pranams

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  3. Harekrishna Prabhu Very aptly explained and encouraging for starters like me.

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  4. This is really helpful for controlling the mind. Thank you so much Prabhuji for using this nice analogy of auto-correction, this really helps to understand it more deeply.

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  5. Wonderful explanation! It is like our driving lessons learning. Initially we have to conscientiously control the accelerator pedal and brake.
    On reaching some level of expertise the control of the pedal and the brake is automatic.
    So also initially we need to control the mind on Krsna as it tries to wander, but later it automatically guides us to Krsna as we try to wander.
    Hari Bol!

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  6. Dandawat Pranam Prabhuji !!!

    Very nice explanation given on how to control mind. It will help the devotees like me who doesnt get association of devotees and where possibility of diverting from Spiritual path is more..

    Thank You so much..
    Hare Krishna>>>>


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