Contemplation on Krishna provides purification, elevation and satisfaction

People often ask, “What do you get by thinking about Krishna, as the Bhagavad-gita repeatedly recommends?”

Let’s discuss three of the fruits of thinking about Krishna, as hinted in the Bhagavad-gita (06.27): our consciousness becomes purified and elevated to the spiritual level, making us sublimely satisfied.

Purification: Dirt in our house creates a distasteful and disease-inducing atmosphere. Similarly, impurities within us such as anger, avarice and addiction create an inner atmosphere that is distracting, disheartening and distressing. Krishna is supremely pure and purifying. Thinking about him cleanses us internally.

Elevation: Suppose we have fallen in an ocean and are being tossed by stormy waves. Moving to a calmer-seeming part of the ocean won’t help much – sooner or later, stormy waves will come there too; we need to be lifted out of the ocean. Similarly, the material world is like an ocean where we are tossed by the stormy waves of worldly upheavals. Trying to create a better material situation helps, but only till the waves hit there. To gain lasting relief, we need to raise our consciousness from the material level of reality to the spiritual level. Such elevation happens naturally when we think about the highest reality, Krishna, because thinking about him increases our attraction to him, and that attraction raises our consciousness upwards to him.

Satisfaction: If we think about someone attractive or loving, we feel happy. Krishna is both supremely attractive and supremely loving. When we think of him, we naturally feel happy. Moreover, he is the reservoir of all happiness. While wandering in a desert, when we come to a reservoir of water, we feel relieved and satisfied. Similarly, when our thoughts dwell on him after wandering over various unfulfilling or agitating objects, we feel satisfied.

Thus, consistent contemplation on Krishna propels us towards purification, elevation and satisfaction.

Think it over:

  • How does thinking about Krishna purify us?
  • How is our consciousness elevated by thinking about Krishna?
  • How does thinking about Krishna provide satisfaction?

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