Devotion helps us discover the richness of life

We often go through our lives with a feeling of chronic impoverishment. The culture around us specializes in showing us all the things we don’t have.

Even if we have wealth – abundant enough for not just our survival but also reasonable levels of comfort – still we feel impoverished because the things we have are always less than the things we don’t have.

To find satisfaction in such a milieu, we need to not just acquire riches, but to discover the richness of life. And such discovery happens primarily through spiritual realization. Describing the perception and emotion of the topmost yogis who have attained the state of samadhi (the supermost spiritual trance), the Bhagavad-gita (06.22) states that they feel so fulfilled that they don’t consider any other gain to be higher – and they consider even the heaviest of life’s reversals to be inconsequential as long as they have the treasure of their spiritual realization with them or rather within them.

While there are different things realized at different levels of spiritual growth, the topmost spiritual realization is the realization of Krishna; he is our Lord, who loves us eternally — in loving him, all our aspirations to love and be loved are supremely and eternally fulfilled; he is the source of all happiness and in remembering him we can relish the topmost happiness; he is source of everything attractive that anyone may have or embody – in being attracted to him, all our aspirations for beauty, artistry and sublimity are all perfectly satisfied.

And we understand that he is guiding us in our life even now, for he is our greatest benefactor. So, when we learn to see his hands in our day to day actions, we relish the richness of life even in this world, because we learn to see beyond the dualities, anxieties, complexities, perplexities and adversities of life to the fact that reigns supreme above them all – this world is an arena for expressing our love for Krishna and experiencing his love for us. In realizing that fact, we discover life to be supremely enriching.

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