Devotion makes the mind’s power our power

Our mind is phenomenally powerful. Within a fraction of a moment, it can take our thoughts from one end of the world to another.

Unfortunately, this phenomenal power is often directed against us, especially against our long-term interests. Being attached to quick pleasures, the mind often impels us to act self-destructively in pursuing such pleasures.

Moreover, when we seek anything worthwhile, especially anything spiritually worthwhile, that requires long-term commitment, we find ourselves pitted against our mind. By sheer determination we may fight the mind for some time, but it can in one moment of delusion overpower us. The Bhagavad-gita (06.06) cautions that the uncontrolled mind is our enemy.

Significantly, the same verse also reassures that, when controlled, the mind can become our friend. The best way to control the mind is to connect with a power greater than the mind’s – the supreme power of Krishna. And the best way to connect with Krishna is by practicing bhakti-yoga. This time-honored process redirects our love from this world to him, thus enabling us to relish higher satisfaction in his remembrance.

Initially the mind resists vehemently our attempts to focus on Krishna because it fears losing opportunities for worldly pleasures. But if we persevere in our bhakti practice, it gradually recognizes that Krishna offers far better happiness than any of the worldly things it craves for.

Even in our present conditioned stage, we can find some things in bhakti that attract us. This intersection zone between devotional activity and mental proclivity can become our beachhead in tapping the mind’s power for our devotional purpose.

Once the mind accepts that Krishna offers the highest happiness, then far from distracting us from him, it starts reminding us of him when the world distracts us. Thus, when we access Krishna’s sweetness through devotion, the mind’s power becomes our power.

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