Discipline is the fusion of intention with action

We may sometimes lament: “I could do so much more in my life if I were more disciplined.”

To cultivate discipline, we can break it into its essential components, which can be said to be inner contemplation and outer execution. When either of these is missing, our attempts for discipline flounder and falter. Suppose we do something externally because others want us to do it – not because we ourselves are convinced about doing it. For example, if we begin dieting because our well-wishers tell us to, we will soon give in to eating binges if we still believe that dieting isn’t all that important. Conversely, we may feel inspired to do something worthwhile, but may not act tangibly on it. For example, if we aspire to write a book, our aspiration will languish on our unfulfilled dreams list if we don’t make any time for it in our schedules.

Once we understand discipline’s inner and outer dimensions, we can boost ourselves with aids at both levels. Internally, we can read inspiring wisdom about that discipline, prepare and verbalize our statement of purpose, and revisit it regularly to solidify our intention. Externally, we can associate with those aspiring to be similarly disciplined and connect with friends who can act as our accountability partners.

Gita wisdom helps us to fuse intention with action especially when we strive for spiritual discipline. By illumining our inner territory with philosophical wisdom, it reminds us that we are souls, parts of the omnipotent supreme, Krishna, and are meant for everlasting devotional fulfillment. And the Gita guides us towards spiritually-minded people, thereby helping us start and sustain spiritual actions. The Bhagavad-gita (02.64) indicates that when we regulate outer sensory engagement and cultivate inner restraint, we attain purity and mercy – the harbingers of unending spiritual satisfaction.

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  1. Hare Krishna Prabhuji,


    Nice explanation about How to cultivate Discipline in both material and spiritual life. Therefore BG 2.64 Verse is the Inspiration.

    Thank you so much prabhuji for instructive and enlightening every day a verse in Gita Daily.

    I humbly seek your blessings for my Krishna Consciousness in this way.

    Haribol !!

    Your servant,
    Sri Giriraj Das.

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