Don’t imagine good feelings – realize that there’s so much to feel good about

Don’t imagine good feelings – realize that there’s so much to feel good about

We all want to feel good. Some people try to feel good by imagining soothing things such as peaceful natural scenery.

Such good feeling is like the feeling patients get by imagining themselves to be healthy. To make that feeling real and sustainable, they need to take a proper treatment. Similarly, we need to adopt a proper yogic process for treating our consciousness.

Gita wisdom explains that the healthy spiritual state of our consciousness is to feel protected, satisfied, loved – that is, to feel good. In spiritual consciousness, we realize that we are souls, meant to love Krishna. Because Krishna is the all-powerful, all-loving source of all happiness, love for him enriches us with good feelings constantly, making us feel supremely happy. The Bhagavad-gita (06.28) indicates that such happiness awaits those who cleanse themselves of impurities by consistent yoga practice.

Why do we need to remove impurities to feel good?

Because our feelings are functions of the state of our consciousness.

When our consciousness is impure, being attached to worldly things instead of to Krishna, we inevitably succumb to bad feelings such as insecurity and inadequacy. Insecurity because worldly things are not in our control. And inadequacy because our insatiable attachments make us crave for the things we don’t have. That’s why as long as we are impure, even if we temporarily imagine good feelings, soon bad feelings will overwhelm us.

Bhakti-yoga purifies our consciousness of worldly attachments and redirects our heart to Krishna. By practicing bhakti-yoga, we realize that there’s so much to feel good about – Krishna’s all-attractiveness, his unfailing love for us and bhakti’s potency to purify us, no matter how fallen we may be. This realization of our spiritual gifts inspires us to practice bhakti determinedly, thus ensuring our progress towards relishing good feelings forever.

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