Don’t just tell it like it is – tell it like it can be

People who speak candidly often say, “I just tell it like it is.” In an increasingly spin-doctored world, hearing the truth spoken unvarnished can be refreshing.

Gita wisdom shares the truth that our innermost core is spiritual – we are souls, parts of God. So we are essentially godly, being a reservoir of virtues. However, presently we are spiritually sick, being infected by various vices. And this sickness is so sinister that it misleads us into seeking not spiritual treatment, but material adjustment. But material adjustments can’t stop the sufferings of old age, disease and death. Nor can such adjustments prevent the frustration caused by the temporariness of everything material, including the things we try to adjust. Amidst the prevalence of such misdirection, telling it as it is, explaining our spiritual malaise clearly, is important.

However, words are meant to not just convey reality but also shape reality, inspiring hearers to strive for positive transformation. Pertinently, the Bhagavad-gita (17.15) recommends speech that is not just truthful but is also non-agitating. For us spiritual seekers, non-agitating speech can refer to speech that is not discouraging. We know about our vices and want to break free from them. Yet they seem to hold us in a disheartening stranglehold. When we are thus afflicted, being reminded repeatedly of our vices can be further demoralizing.

We need instead the reassurance that our innate spiritual purity stands taller than our present conditioned impurities. We need the confidence that we can actually overcome our vices by Krishna’s grace, and that he is eager to help us overcome them. Thus, we need to see things as they can be – to perceive our inviolable spiritual essence and Krishna’s unfailing love. Then we will be not just instructed but also inspired to persevere and succeed spiritually.

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  1. Prannam Prabhu-ji Your word awaken pure devotion It is like sipping cool natural water. Dhandyavaad Pranaam

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