Don’t think things to death; think of the thing called death

Thinking things to death refers to spending so much time analyzing a problem that the time for applying any solution runs out before one decides what solution to apply.

Such thinking things to death is the bane of over-intellectual seekers who often get caught in an intellectual paralysis due to their over-analysis of things. The Gita (04.40) warns that those who let themselves be ruled by doubts attain happiness neither in this world nor the next.

Of course, the Gita doesn’t recommend an uncritical acceptance of anything in the name of spirituality, but it urges intelligent pragmatism.

When we are sick, we can’t reasonably expect to study a full course in medicine before taking a particular medicine – the sickness would kill us. We use our intelligence to gain a basic understanding of the diagnosis and the prescription – and then we take the medicine. If it works, we continue it; else, we discontinue it.

The same pragmatic approach is needed on the spiritual path too. We have limited time – by remembering that death is waiting for us in some future corner along the journey of life, we can infuse our spiritual search with a sense of urgent pragmatism.

For those on such a search, Gita wisdom provides sound diagnosis and clear prescription. It explains that our inability to find lasting happiness is due to forgetfulness and disconnection: forgetfulness of our identity as joyful spiritual beings and disconnection with the all-attractive all-loving supreme reality, Krishna. And it recommends the path of devotion as the most efficacious way for relishing spiritual happiness through the revival of our spiritual awareness and reconnection with Krishna. Those enterprising enough to try out its prescription can progressively relish inner fulfillment, which serves as the confirmatory test for the correctness of their spiritual choice.

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 04 Text 40

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  1. Here krishna! Thanks for this enlighten article.
    It teaches that instead of focusing on material problems and their material salvation we should relish spiritual happiness realizing that we are eternal spitual beings part and parcel of Supreme being Krishna and devoting ourselves completely to Him.

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