Education is meant to remove ignorance and restore innocence, not remove innocence and reinforce ignorance

Education is a central part of human society, a part on which we spend the decades of our life when we have the most energy, a part that is meant to shape our future and prepare us to shape the world’s future.

To do all this, education needs to remove the two things that internally impede us: misconceptions and impurities. Misconceptions prevent us from knowing what to do, and impurities prevent us from doing what we know we should do. Thus, education needs to remove ignorance and restore innocence. Innocence here refers essentially to purity, the state of our soul in its pristine state, the state where our natural virtues manifest for our and others’ well-being.

Unfortunately, today’s does the opposite: it removes innocence and reinforces ignorance. While getting education in universities, students often get exposed to such a sensual culture that they become filled with impurities. In conspicuously concupiscent campus cultures, even students who come from pious backgrounds get entangled and degraded.

Further, today’s education often indoctrinates students with materialism, whereby they end up believing that they are just blobs of protoplasm somehow come alive for a brief period that is sandwiched between two infinities of non-existence. Even those who don’t get indoctrinated into such fanatical materialism still end up becoming lulled and dulled into functional materialism, where this world becomes their be-all and end-all and the other world, if it at all exists, is relegated to a distant, remote position on their ever-expanding to-do lists.

Significantly, the Bhagavad-gita (13.08-12) asserts that real knowledge is that which fosters spiritually conducive virtues, which acknowledges the centrality of life’s spiritual dimension, which helps students find their souls.

Even if the mainstream education fails to fulfill our best interests, the Gita stands ready to fulfill it – its potent wisdom can remove all ignorance and restore innocence.

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