Enlightenment ends the mind’s search for alternatives to Krishna

We are all searching for some object as a source of love and pleasure. Gita wisdom explains that we are actually searching for Krishna, the source of the supreme love and the ultimate pleasure. He is the highest embodiment and fulfillment of our heart’s innermost longing.

Unfortunately, most of us are not aware that he is the object of our search. Due to this unawareness, we seek various worldly objects, fantasizing that they will satisfy us. However, they don’t – and they can’t. Why? Because Krishna alone is supreme and nothing, no matter how wonderful, can substitute for him.

By studying the Bhagavad-gita’s systematic delineation of Krishna’s position, we can understand intellectually that he is the end-point of our search. Still, even after the intelligence comprehends, the mind doesn’t consent. Why? Because in the past it has found countless promising objects disappointing. Therefore, even when it encounters Krishna and finds him relishable, it assumes that his appeal will soon fade. So it continues its default search mode and keeps looking for something other than him.

But the mind’s presumption is wrong. Krishna’s attractiveness is eternal – his beauty, strength, fame, knowledge, wealth and renunciation are all inexhaustible. His sweetness never fades.

However, Krishna’s appeal may seem to fade if we stay stuck at the surface material level of consciousness. We need to go deep and connect with him through a heart filled with love, or at least a heart seeking to love by beseeching his merciful shelter. The Gita (09.13) indicates that when we become thus sheltered, rooted in realization of his supreme position, our mind’s search for alternatives to him will end – and it will become unwaveringly devoted to him.

Thus, by steadily boosting our intellectual conviction and sincerely seeking Krishna’s shelter, we can gradually end the mind’s otherwise endless search.

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