Even if we can’t change what we live with, we can change what we live for

Suppose we are stuck with a car that is slow, noisy and messy and are stuck in a place that is congested and polluted. If we can’t change our place or our car, we may feel helpless. But even with that car, we can drive, albeit slowly, to a better place.

What applies to driving also applies to life. We are sometimes caught in terrible situations that are unchangeable. Nothing we do seems to be working. If we are not to sink into hopelessness, we need to differentiate between the things we live with and the things we live for.

The things we live with: Life places us among many things that just can’t be changed, or at least can’t be changed quickly. Such things that we have to live with may include our family situations, our financial levels, our social relations, our physical limitations and our psychological inclinations. Though these define us presently, they don’t define us permanently.

The things we live for: These center on our aspirations, which are shaped by our conceptions of our identity and purpose. Gita wisdom expands those conceptions, showing that we aren’t prisoners of our situations. It explains that we all are indestructible souls who are parts of the all-loving Supreme, Krishna. He is not a remote divinity, but is a loving person who resides with us, within us.  All situations are opportunities to evolve spiritually, by connecting with him and seeking sublime security and strength in that connection. The more we evolve in our spirituality, the more our consciousness rises above our situations, revealing how we can better deal with those situations (Bhagavad-gita 18.58).

By thus focusing on what we live for, we can create a better future for ourselves, however bleak our present may be.

Think it over:

  • What are some things you have to live with?
  • What would you like to live for?
  • How can Gita wisdom help you to focus on what you live for, not on what you live with?

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