Everything is not Krishna’s plan, but everything is within Krishna’s plan

Is everything that happens in our life – including things that happen because of our mistakes – all by Krishna’s plan? No; it is not Krishna’s plan that we commit mistakes, but Krishna’s plan is resilient enough to include our mistakes.

For example, schools have a plan for students to be promoted from one level to the next. But if some students fail in a particular exam, the school’s plan accommodates them too – either retake that subject or redo that level again. Either way, failed students are still within the school’s plan, though the school didn’t plan that they fail.

Our present material existence is like a school. Herein, we souls are on a course of multi-life education and evolution towards love for the supreme soul, Krishna, and eternal life thereof. If we mistakenly make wrong choices, Krishna doesn’t reject or evict us; he continues to reside within us and helps us come back on track.

Pertinently, the Bhagavad-gita assures that even wrongdoers are well-situated if they maintain their determination to serve Krishna (09.30). By their continued service to him, they will soon become purified and situated in virtue (09.31). His assurance that the devoted will never perish stresses that his plan for our deliverance continues, irrespective of our missteps.

Significantly, his benevolent divine plan includes even those who are not devoted to him. After all, he is the well-wisher of everyone (05.29). And every soul being his eternal part, is potentially his devotee (15.07) – just their devotion is presently misdirected.

By thus understanding how Krishna mercifully accommodates our mistakes, we can stop beating ourselves up for our mistakes. Instead, we can raise our vision from our mistakes to Krishna, pick ourselves up by remembering his unfailing love for us, and march towards the supreme liberation of eternal love for him.


Think it over:

  • How is our material existence like a school?
  • How does Krishna’s plan include even wrongdoers?
  • How can understanding the inclusiveness of Krishna’s plan encourage us?

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  1. Hare Krsna
    Now it has become my habit to read your articles daily. I really appreciate the way you explain difficult topic by giving simple practical example,like in above article you have given example of school. Thank you very much for your efforts to keep the worldly people like us in touch with Krsna

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    • Dear Dr Sherekar, happy to know that Gita-daily has assisted you in forming a spiritual habit. Yes, it’s a challenge to present complex philosophy intelligibly in short articles. Thoughtful appreciation such as yours inspires me to keep striving to share Gita wisdom. Best wishes.

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  2. Thanks a lot for the awesome analogy Prabhu 🙂

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