Fixing a leaking tank is more important than filling the tank

Suppose we had a leaking tank that we want to keep filled with water. If we keep filling it without fixing the leak, our effort will go waste.

Our consciousness with its stock of mental energy is like a tank. Negative thoughts and attitudes act like a leak in this inner tank, a leak from which our mental energy seeps out. One prominent energy drainer is resentment. When we resent something, we get mentally paralyzed because we just don’t want to or can’t accept whatever has happened. We feel exhausted even without doing anything exhausting.

The Bhagavad-gita (18.35) states that habitual moroseness is characteristic of the mode of ignorance. This means that when we are under the spell of the mode of ignorance, we hold on to self-injuring mental patterns such as moroseness. Even if we take say energizers to perk ourselves up, as long as we are still infected by that negative attitude, we don’t feel energized for long. Taking energizers is like filling the tank, but the resentment is like the leak that empties the tank no matter how many times we fill it.

The best way to fix the leak in our consciousness is by connecting ourselves with Krishna in a mood of loving service and letting him permeate our consciousness. As he is the source of all happiness, connecting with him brings positivity and energy.

Unfortunately, the mind distances us from Krishna by making us feel that we have better things to do. However, when we get down to doing those better things, we find that we are unable to do them because our energy is drained away by our negativity.

Therefore, when we prioritize fixing the leaking tank of our consciousness by connecting with Krishna, we will find ourselves functioning for more effectively.

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  1. KRISHNA BHAKTI always seals all the leakages of bad emotions in our minds

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