Focus not just on what lies around, but also on what lies ahead

Life’s perplexities and adversities can drain our inspiration to do anything tangible in the present.

To stir ourselves out of the present’s negativity, we need to look to the future. Consider a traveling example. When the route seems long and the surroundings seem dreary, travellers naturally think of their destination to get the determination to press on. Similarly, when life drags us down, we need to see beyond what lies around to what lies ahead.

Spiritual knowledge expands our conception of what lies ahead. Gita wisdom explains that we are all souls, eternal beings who are parts of the all-attractive supreme being, Krishna. We are meant for an eternal life of ecstatic love with him. By practicing bhakti-yoga, we learn to live true to ourselves, true to our essence as his parts. Thereby, we relish profound non-material peace and fulfillment, which provides us a sublime spiritual security that transcends the uncertainty of the present material reality. The Bhagavad-gita first reminds us of our spiritual identity (02.13), then urges us to tolerate worldly upheavals, knowing them to be temporary, like the inevitable cycling of seasons (02.14). Equipped with this insight, we gain solace by contemplating that what lies around – even if it be crushingly unsolvable problems – is temporary.

Further, by using the torchlight of spiritual knowledge to focus on the bright future that lies ahead, we get the motivation to do what it takes to get there. On life’s spiritual expressway, increasing spiritual happiness beckons us not just in the next world but also in this world.

By striving to do our best in a mood of loving service to Krishna and by focusing more on him than on the world, we can experience an inner connectedness with him that grants stability and serenity even amidst life’s negativity.

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