Focus on harmony, not hormones

From the time we enter adolescence, we feel ourselves impelled by our hormones. We find ourselves craving and exploring a whole new world of sensual experience that promises to be filled with immediate and immense pleasure. And when biology states that such hormonal secretion is natural, hormones may become our intellectual rationalization for indiscriminate sensual indulgence.

Pertinently, the Bhagavad-gita explains that our identity extends beyond our biology – we are at our core souls, eternal spiritual beings. Our essential longing is the longing to love and be loved. This longing is best fulfilled when directed towards the all-attractive Supreme Being, Krishna, whose parts we are eternally (15.07). Presently, we are conditioned by the programming of our body-mind mechanism. This programming makes us misbelieve that good-looking objects will provide the fulfillment that Krishna alone can provide. Actually however, worldly objects inflame our cravings and leave us dissatisfied, frustrated, enslaved. When we let our hormones drive us, we live for satisfying our senses and sentence ourselves to perpetual struggle.

To find real happiness, we need to focus not hormones, but on harmony – the harmony of pure spiritual love between us, infinitesimal sparks of consciousness, and Krishna, the infinite flame of the supreme consciousness. Bhakti-yoga is the time-honored process for establishing harmony between Krishna and us. This yoga of love redirects our consciousness from the world to Krishna and enables us to relish his greatness and sweetness. By steady bhakti practice, we realize increasingly that the pleasure coming from hormonal activation is superficial to our heart’s most treasured longing for Krishna.

Moreover, bhakti spirituality is inclusive; it harmonizes the body with our spiritual growth. When we make harmony our life’s driving purpose, we can spiritualize even the energy coming from our hormones. That energy, when regulated and purified, can be used to serve the supreme and attain holistic happiness.

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