Free love is far too costly

Many people find the notion of free love appealing because it brings together two things dear to us: freedom and love. Few things energize us as much as the hope of freedom. And love is the deepest emotion and aspiration of the human heart. The phrase “free love,” as used nowadays, refers to unrestricted expressions of sexuality that are equated with love.

However, free love is an oxymoron – love by its very nature requires commitment, which subordinates freedom to reciprocation. Moreover, free love is far from free; it often takes a far too prohibitive emotional cost. In the name of free love, people come in physical contact with many others, but they make very little emotional contact, leave alone make any lasting heart connection. The so-called free-lovers feel lonely, unloved and used. And they are haunted by feelings of guilt because they know, subconsciously, if not consciously, that they too are using others, as others are using them. The Bhagavad-gita (03.16) cautions that unrestricted indulgence in sensual pleasure ends in feelings of emptiness and pointlessness – characteristic of a wasted life.

Gita wisdom explains that we are at our core souls, parts of Krishna. We are meant for an eternal life of love with him. By contributing to the whole, we become whole, that is, relish fulfillment. When we practice bhakti-yoga for learning to love Krishna, we start experiencing actual free love – love between the eternal soul and the eternal Lord, love that is free from the fear of interruption or termination by anything extraneous. And learning to love Krishna helps us see our loved ones as his parts and love them for their intrinsic spiritual worth, not just for the worldly things they offer us.

Ultimately, love for Krishna propels us to his personal abode where love reigns free and supreme forever.

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  1. Lovely thought Prabhu- love being linked to seeing all as part and parcel of the Lord
    Hare Krsna

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  2. True love comes from only KRISHNA BHAKTI

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