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Suppose a wealthy person gives charity abundantly. Still, to receive that charity, we would have to go to their place. If they came to our place to give charity, we would consider them extraordinarily charitable. And if they offered a huge amount in customized sizes suited for us, we would consider them even more extraordinarily charitable.

Such a large-hearted donor is Krishna, as is revealed in the Bhagavad-gita’s conclusion. He offers us grace. And so eager is he that we receive it that he offers it in whatever way we can receive.

His accommodating heart is revealed towards the end of the Bhagavad-gita. In its concluding climax (18.64-66), Krishna bares his heart, revealing how much he loves us and then inviting us to love him back. Within that invitation to reciprocate with him, he outlines a descending ladder of methods by which we can connect with him from our present level.

First, he urges us to share his message of love with others – those who do so will become purely devoted to him and will attain him, which is life’s supreme perfection (18.68). Not only that, they will become most dear to him; indeed, no one will be dearer than them (18.69).

If we protest that sharing his message is too difficult, he then exhorts us to just study it – those who do so worship him with their intelligence (18.70).

If we protest that studying the Gita is also too difficult, he then encourages us to just hear it – those who do so will become purified and elevated (18.71).

By thus understanding how eager Krishna is to give us his grace that he offers it in multifarious ways according to our capacity to receive, we can open our hearts to him, thereby becoming enriched, eternally and ecstatically.


Think it over:

  • How is Krishna like an extraordinary donor?
  • What are the three levels at which we can connect with Krishna through the Gita?
  • How can understanding Krishna’s magnanimity inspire us?


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