Gita 01.23 explained

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Transcript of Bhakti-Shastri class on this verse by Chaitanya Charan

So Arjuna continued his request why he wanted to go there?

Bg 1.23

 yotsyamānān aveke ’ha
ya ete ’tra samāgatāḥ
dhārtarāṣṭrasya durbuddher
yuddhe priya-cikīrava

Word for word: 

yotsyamānān — those who will be ghting; aveke — let me see; aham — I; ye — who; ete — those; atra — here;samāgatāḥ — assembled; dhārtarāṣṭrasya — for the son of Dhtarāṣṭra; durbuddhe — evil-minded; yuddhe — in the ght; priya — well; cikīrava — wishing.


Let me see those who have come here to ght, wishing to please the evil-minded son of Dhtarāṣṭra.


yotsyamānān aveke ’ha, aveke means to see, so I wanted to see yotsyamānān those who has come to fight

ya ete ’tra samāgatāḥ, those are assembled over here

dhārtarāṣṭrasya, here it is referred as son of Dhritarastra not all the sons but specially one obstinate son Durbuddher i.e. Durhodhana 

yuddhe priya-cikīrava, desiring his success who could be desiring his success? how could they siding on such a person who is personification of irreligion on a large number gathering to fight is it really true that all these people are fighting on his side I want to see it aveke ’ha.

So we will see there the word I are coming so much here Eksha, aveke means to see that has root Eksha.

In previous verse is used Nirikshe Aham.

So Avekse and Nirikshe.

Nirikshe is used in 21.c (in 21 & 22 1.5 verses are made as 2)

So in 21 to 23 many times “I” is used.

BG is like a nested dialog means dialogs happening at multiple levels. There is a dialog between Sri Krishna and Arjuna which is going to start, then there is a dialog between Dritarastra and Sanjaya which is second level and beyond that whole Mahabharat is a conversation between JanmeJaya who was son of Parikshit and Vasampayan Rishi who is narrating full Mahabharat to JanmeJaya.

So now camera is moved back to Sanjaya speaking Dritarastra the camera moved from Kurushetra to Hastinapur and in Hastinapur what is reported is being describted.

End of transcription.

Author: Bhavin Kataria

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