Gita 02.11 explained

2.11-2.30: counters first argument – compassion – by Gyana

And now Krishna begins that is the next verse.

BG 2.11

sribhagavan uvaca

asocyan anvasocas tvam

prajna-vadams ca bhashase

gatasun agatasums ca

nanusocanti panditah


sribhagavan uvaca — the Supreme Personality of Godhead said; asocyan — not worthy of lamentation; anvasocah — you are lamenting; tvam — you; prajnavadan — learned talks; ca — also; bhashase — speaking; gata — lost; asun — life; agata — not past; asun — life; ca — also; na — never; anusocanti — lament; panditah — the learned.


The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: While speaking learned words, you are mourning for what is not worthy of grief. Those who are wise lament neither for the living nor for the dead.


asocyan anvasocas tvam, that which is not worth lamenting, 

asocyan, you are lamenting for which is not worthy of lamentation

anvasocas, you are greatly lamenting for that 

And while lamenting prajna-vadams ca bhashase, your bhasha, your speech is prajna-vadam, you are speaking words which seems to be wise but what is the sign of true wisdom that is gatasun agatasums ca, so asun is life air so gatasun means life air has gone away that means when somebody is dead, agatasun means life air has not gone away means the person is not dead.

 n+anu+socanti, so the word socha is coming thrice in this particular verse asocyan, anvasocas and then nanusocanti.

So He is saying the Pandita the true learned person does not lament but you are lamenting, nanusocanti panditah so there by He is saying you are mourning for that which is not worthy for mourning. 

So here Krishna sort of call bluff of Arjuna so what does He do? He is saying you are saying big-big words Eti Sushuruma, I have heard from scriptures like this, Narke Niyatam Vaso, Pap Meva …we will go to hell we will get sin, you are speaking all this big-big words but what is the practical reality? The practical reality is that you are overwhelmed by emotions 


Education is not just verbalization (that is saying I know this and that) but education is transformation. Real education is not the education of words but education of emotions – education by which we know what emotions are appropriate and what emotions are not appropriate. What emotions are real and what emotion are illusory. When someone died it is not that emotions are false, the person actually feels grief stuck, they are false in the sense they are based on platform of body, when emotions are uneducated it indicates that knowledge is not internalized but only verbalized. Which means much spiritual progress is not done. So Krishna is saying you have not internalized the spiritual knowledge 

gatasun agatasums ca


When soul departs from the body along with the soul subtle body goes and along with subtle body life air also goes.

What is life air, asun, refers to? When life air goes away…modern scientist will say oxygen is required for survival but it is not just oxygen alone but whole framework of air which is networking and coordinating for the functioning of body so all of them together are called Pran Vayu, whose circulation enables us to live and enables us to function in the body.

Subtle body is link between soul and the gross body. Link between subtle body and the gross body is Pran or life air, there are multiple links life air is one of them. When we are angry/ stressed out breath becomes fast when we breathe slowly we feel calm, that shows that there is connection between our breathing and our emotions, it is bi-direction. When emotions are agitated breath becomes agitated and vice a versa. So when soul leaves the body subtle body and life air both leaves the body 

We can recollect Krishna sucks not only the breast of Putna demon but He also sucks her life air. When life air come out she dies.

So life air allows the soul and subtle body to stay in the gross body.

So we say when life air has gone out the person has died, so one symptom is breathing has stopped

Author: Bhavin Kataria

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