Glorification of the One brings the unification, elevation and satisfaction of the many

Suppose we have a set of four balls tied to a central point. If we want to lift the set, we can try to individually lift up each ball. But if we lift the central point, all the balls will automatically get lifted.

Similar is the unifying dynamism of devotion. Krishna is the central point of existence; we all are his eternal parts. If we try to promote ourselves, we come in conflict with others who too would like to promote themselves. But if we focus on serving and glorifying Krishna, we go beyond ego-induced competition to become united in our Lord.

The Bhagavad-gita (10.09) states that great devotees savor and share Krishna’s glories constantly. They rise to the supreme satisfaction by raising the eternal center.

How does glorifying Krishna provide the supreme satisfaction? Through the infiniteness of his glories and the nature of love.

Normally, we seek satisfaction in having ourselves glorified. But our glorification-worthy qualities are finite, as is the time for which we possess those qualities. Even during that time, the world may not glorify us. Seeking satisfaction in our own glorification ends only in frustration when that glorification stops, as it inevitably will, sooner or later.

In contrast, when we glorify Krishna with a heart devoted to him, the very nature of love helps us rejoice in the glories of our beloved. And as our Lord’s glories are unending, so is the satisfaction thereof.

What if we don’t have devotion? Still glorifying Krishna as a spiritual discipline elevates our consciousness. Contact with our all-pure Lord raises our thought-level above the impurities and trivialities of materialism. Equipped with that pure focus, we connect undistractedly with him, getting increasing joy in his supreme sweetness.

Thus, in glorifying Krishna, we can become united, elevated and satisfied.

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