God is not present less in the hearts of the godless

Some people are godly; some, godless. Yet the Bhagavad-gita (15.15) states that God, Krishna, is present in the hearts of all living beings.

This verse highlights Krishna’s inclusiveness. He is present in the hearts of the atheistic, and even the anti-theistic: those who campaign to deride God’s character, even disprove his existence. Though they are unaware of God’s indwelling presence, God is not unaware of them. With unfailing love, he is still present in their hearts. If God doesn’t reject them, who are we to reject them?

Won’t associating unguardedly with the atheistic disturb our faith? Yes, it can. However, to prevent that, we need caution, not condescension.

What if we are morally or spiritually better than the godless? Then our greater godliness should inspire us to appreciate Krishna’s mood of inclusiveness and adopt it appropriately, according to our capacity. Even if the godless have 99% godlessness in their hearts, we can seek the 1% spark of spiritual interest, or even any general insight, inclination or inspiration that can be spiritualized. That elusive spiritual spark – that we can find, that we can focus, that we can fan.

Such is the vision and mission of the great saints. Their interactions with the godless are characterized not by condescension or condemnation, but by connection and compassion. Internally, they pray to God who is present in the godless to nudge them towards spiritual openness. Externally, they strive, through their words and actions, to convey to the godless that their life is less without God – they can relish a life of meaning, purpose and fullness by connecting with Krishna through appropriate spiritual practices.

When we learn to see God in the hearts of the godless and help them see his presence there, his presence becomes stronger and sweeter in our own hearts.

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  1. many people do not feel and recognize the presence of god in their hearfs

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