Heart work is hard work

We think of hard work usually in terms of physical labor and occasionally in terms of intellectual work.

But we rarely recognize that another kind of work can also be hard: heart work, the work of directing our heart towards an object worthy of our love.

Gita wisdom explains that the worthiest such object is Krishna. Why? Because he is the all-attractive supreme person. And we are intrinsically related to him, for we are souls, who are his eternal parts (Bhagavad-gita 15.07). When we direct our heart towards him, he fills and floods it with his infinite love.

Unfortunately however, our heart is presently misdirected towards various worldly objects, which offer us at best brief satisfaction, followed by heartbreak. Why heartbreak? Because the temporary nature of everything material inevitably separates us from them.

That’s why we need to redirect our love towards Krishna, who is eternally lovable and eternally loving. To redirect our love, we need to practice bhakti-yoga. This time-honored process of heart-transformation centers on fixing our mind on Krishna.

However, such focus is hard work. Why? Because our materially attached mind races forcefully towards worldly objects. Restraining it and redirecting it towards Krishna requires constant, conscientious effort. Such effort brings us in contact with the all-pure supreme, thereby purifying us and weakening our worldly desires.

While we are being purified, if we get distracted, we need to stay determined without becoming disheartened (Bhagavad-gita 06.24). How can we stay determined? By anticipating the difficulty, knowing that heart work is hard work. Just as we are determined to sweat it out when doing physical hard work, we can become determined to sweat it out when doing the heart work of practicing bhakti-yoga.

Just as physical hard work strengthens our muscles, heart work will strengthen our devotion, ultimately making us eternally and joyfully absorbed in Krishna.

Think it over:

  • Why is Krishna the worthiest object for our love?
  • Why is heart work hard work?
  • While doing heart work, how can we avoid being disheartened?

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