Helping one person may not change the world, but it can change that person’s world

When we aspire to become an agent of positive change in the world, our mind internally and our acquaintances externally may discourage us, “What can you alone do? The world is such a big, bad place.”

However, the world is not some amorphous, evil abstraction; it is made of people, all essentially like us. If we can help even one of them, at least their world will change.

While helping others, the Gita reveals how we can be a part of a plan far bigger than us. Though we can help people in various valuable ways, we can help them best by connecting them with the one who can offer the greatest help, Krishna. We all are his parts, and he is everyone’s greatest benefactor. If we play our role as his parts by serving him and by helping others to connect with him, he can act through us, empowering us far beyond our finite capacities. On realizing that we can be a part of a divine master plan, we feel sublimely energized in our efforts to help others. Even if we can help one person by connecting them with Krishna, their world will change. Pertinently, the Gita (18.68) lauds those who share its message of divine love that inspires people to connect with Krishna.

What if people aren’t receptive to the Gita? If they just hear its message even once, in their heart will be planted a spiritual seed that will blossom sooner or later. More importantly for us, we ourselves will be enriched by the deep contemplation necessary for sharing its message – as happened to Sanjaya on sharing the Gita with unreceptive Dhritarashtra (18.76).

Thus, studying, savoring and sharing the Gita empower us to change the world, one person’s world at a time.

Think it over:

  1. How can we avoid discouragement while trying to be an agent of change in the world?
  2. While helping others, how can we be a part of bigger plan?
  3. If people aren’t receptive to the Gita, how is sharing its message still beneficial?

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