How to deal with feelings of inferiority?

While technology has shrunk the world, it has also expanded the world in the sense that we get constantly compared with the best from various parts of the world. Comparing how we look or what we can do with the best in the world leaves us feel insecure and inferior. 

To avoid such feelings, Gita wisdom offers us a broader vision of reality. It explains that we all are parts of the supreme reality, Krishna (15.07). What this means is if we strive to connect with him and serve him, focusing on his greatness, then we get a sense of reassurance and resilience that can’t come by anything else that we might achieve on our own. 

Additionally, if our devotional connection becomes strong enough, we may even become instruments for a greater wisdom and power to act through us. Even if such channeling doesn’t happen frequently, whenever it happens can be miraculous. 

Bhakti-yoga provides us a rich range of resources for directing our focus toward Krishna and to experience both contentment and empowerment. And epics such as the Mahabharata provide vivid examples of the power of such connection. Though the Pandavas were numerically outnumbered almost one to two by the Kauravas, their Krishna connection ensured their victory. 

If we spend adequate time and energy in connecting with Krishna by studying the Gita and practicing bhakti-yoga, the world’s hugeness and our comparative smallness in it won’t overwhelm us. Instead, we will be energized by the awareness of Krishna’s greatness, which far supersedes the world’s greatness. When complemented by the awareness of our innate and inalienable connection with Krishna, we all can progress toward making valuable and victorious contributions (18.78).

One-sentence summary:

Focus not on how small your part is, focus on how big what you are a part of is 

Think it over:

  • How may technology increase our feelings of insecurity and inferiority?
  • How can spiritual wisdom provide us contentment and empowerment?
  • Which bhakti-yoga limb infuses you with the awareness of Krishna’s greatness?


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  1. Hare Krishna

    Very valuable advice in today’s world of insecurity.

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  2. JAPA wipes out all inferiority complex

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  3. JAPA wipes out all inferiority complex

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