If we don’t marginalize the mind, it will marginalize us

Suppose we are the leaders of a group and are leading its discussion in a particular productive direction. But someone else starts speaking loudly, drowns out our voice and leads the discussion in an opposite, counterproductive direction. We would speak out – we wouldn’t let anyone marginalize us like this.

In our inner discussions however, we often let ourselves be marginalized by our mind. Our inner discussions are meant to determine what we do, and therein, we are meant to be the lead.

Suppose we resolve to do something constructive and are deliberating how to do it. During that inner dialogue, the mind often says that the resolution is too difficult – it will cost too much pleasure. The more we listen to it, the louder it speaks till it takes over the discussion and makes us give up our resolution.

How do we avoid getting marginalized? By intelligent advance preparation. Before discussing anything important with a group, we learn in advance who tends to be disruptive. Then during the discussion, if those disruptors start speaking, we evaluate their speech immediately and vigilantly. If we find it disruptive, we continue speaking firmly and assertively, till their words are drowned out.

The Bhagavad-gita helps us prepare for our inner discussions. It informs us that the mind can be our enemy (06.05). By remembering its potential disruptiveness, we use our scripturally-guided intelligence to constantly evaluate its ideas. If we find it sabotaging our resolutions, we neglect its speech and continue with our purposeful resolution. And the most empowering purposeful resolution centers on serving the all-attractive whole, Krishna, for such service purifies us and strengthens our higher intentions.

When we affirm our resolutions through purposeful action and thereby intelligently neglect the mind, we learn to marginalize it instead of being marginalized by it.

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