Illusion can cover everything, even the way out of illusion

Illusion sometimes captivates us, as when we see a mirage in a desert. When allured, we can find a way out of illusion if, say, we have a travel guide who alerts us about the water’s illusoriness. However, if the mirage captivates us so much with its promise of water that we start disbelieving the guide, then we would be in big trouble indeed.

Similarly, in material existence, illusion may cover us sometimes. Still, we can come out of it by proper guidance. However, if illusion makes us too proud to receive such guidance, thereby covering the way out of illusion, then we are in big trouble indeed. Such is the predicament of the demonic who do whatever they do, even religious activities, only for prestige.

The Bhagavad-gita (16.16) indicates that illusion covers them completely. Being addicted to sensual pleasures, they engage in reprehensible activities that sentence them to terrible destinations. The next verse (16.17) elaborates on the comprehensiveness of their illusion: it makes them complacent and impudent. They care neither for scriptural teachings, nor for scriptural teachers. Even if they do religious activities that are meant to purify and enlighten, they seek only social mileage by portraying an image of piety. Illusion, by thus perverting their motives, blocks their path out of illusion.

Can they ever become undeluded? Yes, by grace. Sooner or later, the futility of their illusory pursuits registers in them, even if for the few moments when their desires are frustrated. During those moments, if they somehow contact Gita wisdom, either through spiritual association externally or divine intuition internally, then their illusion starts dissipating. On studying the Gita, they start practicing bhakti-yoga. By steady bhakti practice, they gradually realize the supreme spiritual reality, Krishna, and relish eternal love for him, thereby attaining the ultimate liberation.

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