In the spiritual journey, surrender is the starter, sustainer and summit

The Bhagavad-gita recommends surrender in its beginning, middle and end. This consistent stress conveys that in our spiritual journey, surrender is the starter, sustainer and summit.

Starter: In the Gita’s beginning, the gruesome prospect of a fratricidal war bewilders Arjuna. Desperately seeking guidance, he surrenders to Krishna, enquiring about dharma (02.07). Similarly, our spiritual journey begins when we acknowledge that our present knowledge can’t provide us the key to a meaningful and fruitful life. If we seek higher knowledge in God’s words, such seeking is a preliminary form of surrender.

Sustainer: The Gita explains how material nature binds us and then (07.14) assures that we can overcome that bondage by surrendering to Krishna. This declaration offers a more positive vision of surrender – not just as an admission of ignorance, but also as the vehicle to knowledge. Surrender involves engaging ourselves in serving Krishna externally and remembering him internally. Such surrender attracts his mercy, which enables us to stay free from illusion and fixed in spiritual growth.

Summit: Surrender is recommended even in ashtanga-yoga texts. But some yogis see surrender as a tool to the summit of liberation, which they conceive as merging with the absolute oneness. However, the Gita (18.54) reveals pure bhakti to be a post-liberation achievement. Such pure bhakti is the privilege of those utterly surrendered to the personal absolute.

Reflecting this sublime position of surrender, the Gita concludes by calling for surrender (18.66). And Arjuna responds by surrendering in words and in action. In words, he declares that he will do Krishna’s will (18.73). And in actions, he raises his bow in readiness to fight for Krishna’s cause (18.78).

When we too surrender out of love for our Lord, that surrender comprises the summit of our spiritual journey. Therein, our heart finds the supreme fulfillment.

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  1. Hare Krishna Prabhuji.

    Your article on surrender was long awaited by me.

    And it is very beautifully written.

    Thank You so much, everyday, after chanting, I read your article and feel pleased.

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    • Dear Dev P
      Thank you for your appreciation – happy to know that the Gita daily is of being regular service to you.

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  2. Hare krishna Pravu ji

    It was wonderful explanation of surrender.Sometimes in our materialistic life, we get stuck in situations where we can not decide what should be done, what should not be. We are not sure what decision of our mind will affect in what way, then we can surrender to Krishna all our thoughts and beg krishna’s mercy in this situation.

    We should do material works as per our consciousness and finally we should offer all our thoughts and acts to krishna mentally and be satisfied that we will bear happily what comes as result.

    hare krishna

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  3. absolute surrender to KRISHNAis necessary to attain spiritual estacya

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  4. Supreme Lord is our supreme real well wisher.
    But the potential between Him and us is so big.
    Its not possible to understand all His plans for us, thus the way to benefit from such a supreme well wisher is to surrender to His sweet will.

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    • can be said we should pray to recognise his will and try to follow it.

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