It takes courage to dream – and it takes courage to hand our dream over to Krishna 

When we dream we often envision situation radically different from our present situation, and especially if our dream is meant to be a spur for action, then it requires courage to dream lofty dream, because they also mean that we will have to mightily struggle against our situations, and shape a better reality for ourselves.

We by nature are growth seeking Our bodies naturally and we seek to improve our talents, we seek to improve our positions, we seek to improve our performance and only those who dream like a huge dream actually achieve something extraordinary in their lives.

We can dream but fulfilling our dreams is not necessarily in our control. Most often it requires factors that are significantly beyond our control.  To deal with these factors we need some higher arrangement to be benevolently disposed towards – Gita states that Krishna is the ultimate overseer and sanctioner of everything.

In Gita (13.23) it is stated, Krishna is the overseer and permitter and nothing can happen without his sanction. Sometimes we may have a lofty dream and sometimes Krishna may have a better dream for us, because after all Krishna is far wiser than us. He is omniscient. When our dreams seem to be shattering on the rocks of reality, just the ship meant for the ocean seems to crack on the shores – at that time if we are not – get shattered by the shattering of our dreams, then we need to have a higher understanding, we need to have the courage to entrust our dreams to Krishna, and we need the higher intelligence by which we can see that surrender to Krishna is also a form of courage, for courage is not just in what we can do, but courage is also in what we let Krishna do.

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  1. KRISHNA only fulfills our dreams

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  2. Hare radhakrsna

    I can truly relate to it whatever I have in past present futre everything belongs to my eternal love radhakrsna god

    It takes lot of courage to give up ones dream I am doing this and I do it for eternity and even meerabai left her queen and became best devotee of radhakrsna god …

    Just whoever reading this reply please remember life is there only to serve lotus feet of krsna eternally only

    All glories to SRI krsna chaitanya mahaprabhuji and srila prabhupadaji

    Hare radhakrsna Jai radharani jai siyaram

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