Krishna already has the result – what he seeks is our endeavor

Some people think that Krishna spoke the Bhagavad-gita to persuade Arjuna to fight for establishing dharma.

However, the Gita (11.33) reveals that the opponents of dharma were already neutralized by Krishna’s arrangement; Arjuna simply had to become an instrument in that arrangement. If Krishna had secured the result beforehand, why did he speak the Gita to Arjuna? To instruct Arjuna – and, through Arjuna, all of us, who are his eternal parts – about how to do our material duty in spiritual consciousness.

Gita wisdom explains that the results of our work are not solely in our hands; they are influenced by factors beyond our control, factors that are ultimately under Krishna’s control. When he wants to arrange for something, his omnipotence is enough – he doesn’t need us to do anything for arranging it. But he still gives us the opportunity to play some part in his arrangement. When we play our part in a mood of service to him, our devotion for him increases, and we gradually relish steady devotion.

Additionally, understanding that Krishna has some plan decreases our mental agitation caused by attachment to results. If we are too attached to results, failing to get them will dishearten us. Getting them will delight us, but only temporarily, because everything material is temporary. And overall, craving for results will keep us agitated.

But when we understand that we just have to play our part in Krishna’s arrangement, then we endeavor wholeheartedly. If we get the results, we offer them to him as an expression of our devotion. If we don’t get the results, still he is pleased by our endeavors. He reciprocates by revealing his all-attractiveness, which increases our attraction for him. This increased attraction makes us steadily absorbed in him, thereby stabilizing us amidst both failure and success.

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Think it over:

  1. When Krishna had already arranged for victory, why did he want Arjuna to fight?
  2. The results of work are not determined by us alone – do you have any realizations of this truth?
  3. How does focusing on endeavors instead of results help us?
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