Krishna is the master before whom we stand truly erect

Krishna is the master before whom we stand truly erect

“Krishna is our master and we are his servants.” This scriptural tenet can evoke resentment within us: “Why should I bow down to God?”

The reality is that we can’t avoid bowing down. If we don’t voluntarily subordinate ourselves to Krishna, we end up submitting to our senses that drag us here, there and everywhere in the vain hope of pleasure. In pandering to the demands of the senses, we bow down to those who provide sensual gratification. Often, even after bowing down many times, we don’t get much pleasure – and even that little pleasure doesn’t last for long.

Gita wisdom explains that the cravings of the senses are distortions of our innate need for happiness. This need comes from our innermost core – our soul – and can be fulfilled by comprehending the constitutional nature of that core. The Bhagavad-gita (15.07) indicates that we as souls are eternal parts of Krishna. Just as the part needs to harmonize with the whole, so too do we need to harmonize with the supreme whole, Krishna.

We can harmonize ourselves thus by practicing bhakti-yoga. Bowing before Krishna physically is a limb of bhakti, and bowing before him internally by cultivating a submissive mood is the essence of bhakti. Significantly, such submission is uplifting – it raises our consciousness and connects it with Krishna, the source of all happiness, thereby granting us deep inner fulfillment.

Being spiritually fulfilled, we no longer need to demean ourselves pandering to the petty and degrading demands of our senses. Thus, we can stand truly erect – not in pride, but in integrity as we act true to our deepest, most cherished values. And we don’t just stand spiritually erect; we also march towards the supreme spiritual perfection of pure eternal love for Krishna, wherein no temptations can ever drag us down.

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  1. Inspiring indeed.!

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  2. Prabhu Ji
    Please include the slides as well that brings us to read and recite

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  3. Haribol ! Hare Krishna !

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  4. Very nicely said Prji……

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  5. Your following comment is elevating clarification – “We no longer need to demean ourselves pandering to the petty and degrading demands of our senses ” Indeed Prabhujee, there is DIGNITY in surrender

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  6. Hare Krishna Prabhuji,
    Although I read it article today but for me first line of sloka was more relevant(for today). I had a heated argument with a mayavadi who was telling that we have to merge into whole after liberation. First line of this shloka that we are ETERNALLY parts and parcel gave me lot of conviction.
    I see it as Krishna’s mercy that your article popped just at right time on this verse.

    Thank you so much.

    Your servant,
    Advaita Gaur Das

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  7. Bhakti yoga alone attains the spiritual supremacy

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