Krishna is the stabilizer of material emotions and the stimulator of spiritual emotions

Our emotionality is an innate feature of our very being – it comes from the core of who we are, conscious, spiritual beings. A central feature of consciousness is to feel emotions in relationship with the things we are conscious of.

Though our emotionality comes from our core, our present emotions don’t usually take us towards that core. Presently, our consciousness is channeled through the mind to the body and the world without. As long as we are materially attached, most of our emotions are triggered by worldly things. And as the outer world, being filled with ever-changing material things, is characterized by flux, emotions triggered by it often take us on an emotional roller coaster.

To become emotionally stabilized, we need to connect with Krishna, the supreme source of everything. As he is the ultimate unchanging principle, connecting with him shelters us amidst life’s inevitable storms. When we practice bhakti-yoga diligently for connecting with Krishna, we find an inner anchor that helps us to stay calm amidst situations that would otherwise toss our consciousness up and down.

Significantly however, though Krishna does stabilize our material emotions, that stability is far from the best that he can offer us. As we are sentient beings with sentiments, becoming stoic, unemotional, stone-like is far from our perfect emotional state. The Bhagavad-gita (12.17) states that equanimity amidst material dualities characterizes those who are enriched with devotion. We are meant to relish a whole universe of spiritual emotions in relationship with our all-attractive Lord. And the more we become exposed to him through bhakti practice, the more that exposure stimulates our latent spiritual emotionality. Over time, the bhakti universe enriches us with the deepest, finest, sweetest emotions that the human heart can ever experience.

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