Krishna-thoughts are soothing, satisfying, strengthening, sublimating

Materialists often challenge spiritualists: “Why do you spend so much time thinking about Krishna when all that thinking doesn’t give any tangible return?”

The key word here is ‘tangible.’ As today’s materialistic culture evaluates everything in terms of money, it makes us believe that returns are tangible only when they are financially measurable. However, the level of our thoughts determines our happiness as much as, if not far more than, the level of our finances. So, if our thought-level is improved, isn’t that improvement also a tangible return?

Yes, definitely.

By this more realistic standard of tangibility, Krishna-thoughts offer four tangible returns:

Soothing: The uncertainties of life make us anxiety-ridden. Thinking about Krishna – the only ultimate certainty in existence – counters these anxieties and soothes our heart.

Satisfying: The endless parade of tempting objects that assault our senses makes us chronically discontented. Thinking about Krishna – the reservoir of all pleasure – eradicates this discontent and grants deep satisfaction.

Strengthening: The continuous battle with our lower desires leaves us internally exhausted. Thinking about Krishna – the source of all vitality – replenishes our inner energy stock and strengthens us.

Sublimating: The impuirty and immorality in our materialistic culture tends to mentally degrade us. Thinking about Krishna – the abode of all purity – cleanses and sublimates our mind.

Once we start relishing such rich returns, we will realize, as the Bhagavad-gita (06.22) indicates, that no gain is greater than this. Then we will turn the culture’s challenge on its head: “When contemplation on Krishna offers so many tangible returns, why should I let even one moment pass without thinking about him?”

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 06 Text 22

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Author: Chaitanya Charan Das

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