Krishna’s love for us is based not on who we are, but on who he is

Krishna’s love for us is based not on who we are, but on who he is

Some devotee-seekers ask, “I am so fallen. Does Krishna love a person like me too?”

Yes, definitely.

Krishna’s love for us comes from not who we are, but who he is – the supreme embodiment of all love. He declares in the Bhagavad-gita (05.29) that he is the most intimate well-wisher of all living beings. His inclusion of all living beings proclaims the universal scope of his love.

His love for us is not based on who we are – how virtuous we are, how inclined we are towards him or what we have done for him. Even if we have done nothing for him, even if we are not in the least inclined towards him, even if we are stooped in sin, he still loves us.

Krishna’s love for us is not just a matter of emotion, but also of action. He creates and sustains the world as an arena where we can play out our desires till we mature in wisdom. To help us mature thus, he provides timeless wisdom in the form of scripture. To maintain order in the world and to stimulate our spiritual growth, he descends repeatedly and also sends his many representatives. Moreover, he constantly accompanies us in our heart as his Supersoul manifestation, guiding us through the voice of conscience and inspiration towards wise choices. He also orchestrates circumstances externally to demonstrate to us the wisdom he teaches through scripture. Depending on what is best for our growth, he expresses his love differently at different times. But irrespective of those varied expressions, his intentions remain unvaryingly loving.

The more we understand through the eyes of scripture Krishna’s love for us, the more we feel inspired to offer him our love and thereby relish existence’s most fulfilling loving reciprocation.

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