Let Krishna’s visible protection increase our faith in his invisible protection

On seeing life’s many uncertainties, we may get the question, “Will Krishna really protect me amidst dangers?”

Before looking for his protection amidst problems, we can look at his protection in the absence of problems. Our very existence requires the pre-existence of scores of things beyond our control. We live on the earth – without its existence, we couldn’t exist. And we aren’t sustaining the earth’s existence. Who is? Similarly, our existence depends on light, which comes from the sun. We don’t maintain the sun – who does? Even the food we eat can’t give us energy if our digestive system isn’t functioning. And we didn’t do anything before or during our birth to give ourselves a functional digestive system. Who did?

The Bhagavad-gita (15.12-14) indicates that these cosmological, terrestrial, and physiological arrangements are sustained by Krishna. Thus, we can see that he is already protecting us – without his protection, we couldn’t exist for even one moment.

Further, the Gita (15.15) indicates that Krishna, residing in our heart, gives us knowledge, remembrance or forgetfulness in reciprocation to our desires. If we turn to him with a heart that seeks to serve, he gives us the insight to see his protection. If we stay connected with him, then that connection itself calms us, protecting us from destructive kneejerk reactions to problems.

Suppose a doctor had saved our life. Thereafter, if they prescribe some unpleasant treatment, we would recollect their past competence and benevolence, thereby mustering the will to tolerate the present discomfort.

Similarly, bhakti wisdom helps us habituate ourselves to contemplating the many visible forms of Krishna’s protection. Thereafter, when his protection seems invisible amidst difficulties, if we consciously contemplate his visible protection, that contemplation infuses us with the conviction to face problems faithfully and gracefully, going closer to Krishna through them.

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  1. invisibility is the greatest quality of KRISHNA

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  2. Very Nice Article Prji…..
    Krishna is giving everything….

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  3. Thank you very much for such a valuable description and helping me to build the attitude of constantly remembering the compassion and protection given by Krsna throughout the life.Seeking your mercy and blessings to continuously improve my Guru bakthi and Krsna Bakthi.
    My depression is getting calmed whenever I go through your purport.

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  4. Once again a great article. The three-level- cosmological, terrestrial, and physiological arrangements for our visible protection is remarkable.
    The analogy of doctor is icing on the cake.
    Thank you Prabhuji for such wonderful, insightful, thoughtful articles.

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