Let your practices make you a spiritual fruit, not a religious nut

Religious nuts are people who in the name of religion become fanatical, irrational, disagreeable. Other people, on the other hand, become spiritual fruits who manifest virtues such as humility, sensitivity, forgiveness. 

What makes some people religious nuts and others, spiritual fruits? Often, it’s their conception of spiritual growth. 

If we consider the bottom of a mountain to be material consciousness and the top of the mountain to be spiritual consciousness, then our practices are meant to raise us from material consciousness to spiritual consciousness. When they become too attached to the externals of our tradition, believe that the externals are the essentials and claim that anyone not adhering to those externals is a dangerous deviant destined for hell, when they think their path is the only path up the mountain, they are likely to become religious nuts.

Those people become spiritual fruits who appreciate that there can be many paths up the mountain. They are not naive, though. They understand that not all paths will take people up the mountain, some may take them down into a valley too. 

Gita wisdom offers an inclusive vision of the ultimate reality wherein all people are seen to be on the one shared journey of consciousness (04.11). The Bhagavad-gita (18.66) urges us to give up all religious formularies and focus only on the essential principle of love for the divine, a love that is expressed through wholehearted, unreserved surrender. Thus, it urges us to become spiritual fruits, not religious nuts. 

The more we can appreciate and apply the Gita’s teachings, the more we can become spiritual fruits. And the more we share the Gita’s message with others, the more we can help others become spiritual fruits, thus helping make the world rich with relishable spiritual realizations.  

Think it over:

  • How can we identify religious nuts?
  • How does the Gita urge us to become religious nuts or spiritual fruits?
  • How can we spiritually enrich the world?

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