Listen to your Lord, not to your lust

Within all of us lies an evil voice that lies. By promising pleasure, this voice prompts us to pander to our senses. But sensual pleasure never lives up to its promise. If we listen to this lying voice, we end up doing terrible things that can wreck our life.

The Bhagavad-gita (03.37) identifies this malevolent voice as the voice of lust. After analyzing lust’s origin, location and modus operandi (03.36-43), the Gita concludes this section (03.43) by urging us to conquer lust by using our intelligence to situate ourselves on the spiritual platform.

To understand how to become spiritually situated, we can compare our inner world to a radio. Therein, lust has a station from which it transmits lifelong. We can’t stop lust from transmitting. We can’t turn off the inner radio either. But we can stop hearing lust. How? By tuning in to some other station.

Within our heart also resides Krishna, our beloved Lord and greatest well-wisher. Unfortunately, we can’t easily identify which inner voice belongs to whom. So, we need to learn to familiarize ourselves with Krishna’s voice by hearing it externally in the Gita. When we diligently study the Gita, as explained by those striving to live according to its guidelines, we start recognizing Krishna’s voice. If we strive to live according to that voice, we can understand with increasing clarity how lust is our enemy and how we can resist it. More importantly, we can relish higher fulfillment by practicing bhakti-yoga and learning to love Krishna.

Being thus guided by the Gita, we can disown lust’s voice and accept Krishna’s voice as the voice of our innermost core, of the Whole whose parts we are eternally. By thus listening to our Lord, not our lust, we can gradually find life’s supreme fulfillment through devotional absorption in Krishna.

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  1. Listening to LORD will drive away the lust from the heart.

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  2. Thank You for your simple and clear explanation of this verse. Your articles help me obtain a clearer understanding of the Gita.

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