Momentum manifests by movement from moment to moment

An obstacle that blocks a truck can be broken through if the truck acquires adequate momentum.

Similarly, the conditionings that block our self-transformation can be broken through if we build sufficient momentum. And building momentum doesn’t require anything mystical – it just requires that the object stay in motion. By doing a desirable activity consciously and repeatedly, we can develop the necessary momentum to overcome obstacles such as lethargy or apathy that arise from our conditionings.

We sometimes put off improving ourselves, thinking that our conditioning will make the self-improvement unsustainable. We wait for some dramatic inspiration, maybe through a life-changing epiphany or a devastating consequence of conditioned living. Yes, such events can jolt us into sudden, swift motion for self-transformation. But that jolting motivation doesn’t endure. After its force decreases and disappears, our subsequent movement depends on our own determination. Ultimately, transformation requires our diligent application. Then why wait for some uncertain future inspiration? Why not become diligent right now?

We can begin by taking one small step in the present moment and then another small step in the next moment. By such baby steps, we will discover, to our delight, that we can cover a substantial distance. And obstacles we had considered unsurpassable will turn out to be passable.

The Bhagavad-gita encourages such pragmatism for applying transcendental knowledge to redirect our heart from worldly things to spiritual truths. It (04.38) declares that nothing is as pure as transcendental knowledge and assures that applying this will grant us sublime inner happiness in due course of time. This implies that we just need to strive for applying the knowledge, one day at a time, even one moment at a time.

Thus, by moving from moment to moment towards self-improvement, we can build significant momentum, overcome our conditionings and relish lasting fulfillment.

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