Our choice: push up or be pulled down?

Suppose we hold an object such as a dumb bell in front of us. If we let go of it, it will fall down. If we want it to rise up, we need to consciously endeavor to lift it up. 

The same principle applies to our consciousness too. We need to conscientiously strive to keep it focused. If we don’t focus, it will automatically gravitate downward toward trivial or even terrible things. We may never think of doing such things, but worldly objects often exert a pull on our consciousness like the pull of gravity of physical objects. 

What if we don’t normally default toward bad things even when we aren’t focused on something constructive? That will be because of the positive impressions and habits we may have cultivated in our previous life. However, life will sooner or later place us in provocative situations such as temptations or tribulations that we will feel impelled to do things we normally would never do. And once we cross one ethical boundary, we will be impelled to cross that boundary more frequently, excessively and nonchalantly. 

Pertiently, Gita wisdom explains that our mind, which is the channel through which our consciousness goes toward the world, is constantly active. Unless it is given something constructive to do, it will soon do something destructive. No wonder the Bhagavad-gita (06.06) cautions that our mind will become our enemy unless we learn to control it and make it our friend. 

To avoid gravitating downward, we need to not just do something conscientiously at every moment of our life, but also to to plan something worthwhile with our life. Gita wisdom provides us a worldview that infuses us with a majestically meaningful purpose. Thus, we can avoid self-destruction and progress toward self-actualization. 

One-sentence summary:

If we don’t do something good with our life, life will do something bad with us.

Think it over:

  • How will we gravitate toward the undesirable even without planning or intending?
  • How can we keep ourselves conscientiously engaged?
  • How can you use Gita wisdom to infuse your life with spiritual purpose?



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