Our life’s quality is determined not by how we look, but by what we look forward to

We are often obsessed with our looks. Undoubtedly, how we look matters, especially in today’s materialistic society where people are judged by their appearances. We may need to take due care to look our best.

Still, our life’s quality depends not as much on how we look as on what we look forward to. We may look great, making heads turn wherever we go. However, if adoration for our looks is what we primarily look forward to, then we sentence ourselves to dissatisfaction. No amount of gratification is enough for the ego – the more adoration we get, the more we crave it and the more not getting it agitates us.

If we want something more fulfilling to look forward to, Gita wisdom stands ready with an enlivening spiritual worldview. It explains that we are souls on a multi-life journey of spiritual evolution towards pure love for the all-attractive supreme, Krishna, whose parts we are eternally. To evolve, we need to learn to love and serve Krishna consistently, even amidst our life’s ups and downs. The Bhagavad-gita (13.23) explains that the Supersoul oversees everything. This implies that whatever happens in our life is orchestrated by him for our evolution – it is an opportunity to learn and serve.

When we thus reconceptualize the world as an arena for service to Krishna and to others in relationship with him, life reveals itself as replete with exciting opportunities for creative learning and resourceful service. If we have good looks that garner admiration, we use it as a resource for our service. And we adopt this devotionally utilitarian attitude to whatever gifts we have been endowed with.

Rather than looking forward to adoration, we look forward to absorption in Krishna, by engaging our everything in his loving service.

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  1. only KRISHNA BHAKTI determines our quality of life

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