Our mind is constantly hiding – and is constantly ready to give us a hiding

Suppose someone waits hiding on our daily path. Catching us unawares, they bully and beat us. As long as they are hiding, we can’t stop them from giving us a hiding.

Unfortunately, similar is our actual plight. Inside all of us is our mind, which often acts like our worst enemy (Bhagavad-gita 06.06). It makes us believe that life’s troubles are far bigger than what they actually are – and makes us feel resentful, victimized, depressed. It also makes us believe that worldly pleasures are far more enjoyable than what they actually are, thereby making us crave and slave for them. Overall, by inducing feelings of self-pity, self-loathing, self-destruction, the mind gives us a terrible hiding. Today, misled by their minds, millions are distressed, being addicted to trivial pleasures. Finding the mind’s constant beating unbearable, thousands even decide that life itself is unlivable and commit suicide.

Despite being tormented repeatedly, even constantly, we often fail to even identify our terrible tormentor. Why? Because it’s hiding within us. Instead of pointing to the mind, we point it to a myriad other things: to we ourselves because we keep doing unworthy things; to the world because it troubles and tempts us in so many ways; to people who are coming in the way of our getting what we want to get.

Gita wisdom serves as a flashlight that illumines our inner world. It helps us understand how everything inside us is not us – and how hiding within us is not just our mind, but also our Lord, who is stronger, subtler and smarter than our mind and can save us from its shenanigans. When we assimilate and apply the Gita’s teachings for conscious living, we start catching the mind in action before it catches us.

Think it over:

  • How does our mind give us a hiding?
  • Why can’t we identify our inner tormentor?
  • How can we catch the mind before it catches us?

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  1. Amazing article, Prabhuji. For someone like me who finds it almost impossible not to identify with the mind now and then, this article has come as a great relief.

    I very much liked the line “hiding within us is not just our mind, but also our Lord, who is stronger, subtler and smarter than our mind and can save us from its shenanigans.”

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