Our satisfaction is determined more by the location of our consciousness than the location of our house

When people want to buy a house, they often long to get one in an expensive locality, hoping that the prestige thereof will make them happy. Driven by craving for such a house, they take a huge loan. Though their dream house delights them, soon, the worry about paying the mortgage starts eating them up.

Irrespective of whether we have mortgage anxiety or not, our happiness depends not as much on our house’s location as on our consciousness’ location. If our consciousness is lost in negativity, a grand house can’t make us happy. We need a positive home for our consciousness.

The most positive residence for our consciousness is Krishna. We as souls are his eternal parts, and he, being the source of everything, is the source of the supreme security and satisfaction. When our thoughts reside in him, we relish safety and joy. Bhakti-yoga practice helps us realize that Krishna is the natural and best home for our consciousness.

The Bhagavad-gita (12.19) indicates that devotees may not have a physical home, but their consciousness has found its home in Krishna. We go out of our home to do various kinds of work, but return to the comfort of home whenever the work is done. So too does the consciousness of devotees go to various objects for different services, but returns to Krishna whenever that service is done.

If we want to find enduring happiness, we need to first make Krishna the home of our consciousness. After we address this need by practicing bhakti-yoga, we can decide if and how to relocate our house, while ensuring that our consciousness doesn’t get dislocated.

When we make Krishna the home of our consciousness, then, whatever the location of our house, we stay located in happiness.

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  1. Very nice and apt analogy prabhu.
    Thank you for writing these articles and enlightening us daily.
    When we try to make Krishna as our home of consciousness, Gita Daily is actually one room of that home.

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